Newly crowned Queens of Indonesia and Japan trained by Philippines Kagandahang Flores Camp

One of the leading pageant camps here in the Philippines, which is KF or Kagandahang Flores just confirmed that the newly crowned Continue reading “Newly crowned Queens of Indonesia and Japan trained by Philippines Kagandahang Flores Camp”

FULL STORY: Kevin Lilliana from Indonesia wins Miss International 2017


Finally Indonesia did it! Outgoing Queen Kylie Verzosa from the Philippines crowned Continue reading “FULL STORY: Kevin Lilliana from Indonesia wins Miss International 2017”

(Full List of Winners) Kylie Verzosa from the Philippines is Miss International 2016

After 3 years from winning the Miss International crown, the Philippines did it again. Kylie Verzosa won Miss International 2016. She bested 68 other candidates around the world. this is the 6th Miss International crown for the Philippines. Verzosa was born in Baguio, Philippines. She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and work as a pre-school teacher. She is a teacher and an advocate for depression and suicide awareness. Verzosa volunteered for the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, which aims to educate people about depression and suicide. She is also a member of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines. She has done ramp and print modeling.

Full List of Winners

Winner: Philippines
1st Runner Up: Australia
2nd Runner Up: Indonesia
3rd Runner Up: Nicaragua
4th Runner Up: United States of America
Top 15

United States of America
El Salvador
Dominican Republic

Special Awards

Miss National Costume: Nicaragua
Miss Perfect Body: Maldova
Miss Best Dresser: Indonesia

Best Five Continents

Miss Asia: Hong Kong
Miss Europe: Netherlands
Miss America: Ecuador
Miss Africa: Sierra Leone
Miss Oceania: Hawaii

Our Top Picks for Miss International 2015!

This coming Thursday, November 5, 2015 is the finals of the 55th Miss International pageant to be held at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hiten Hall in Tokyo Japan. The show will start at 4pm JPT (3pm Manila time). This year Miss International will bring back the Top 15, then the Top 10 where the remaining 10 candidates will deliver their speeches. After more

than 3 weeks of pre pageant activities we present to you our Top picks.
Miss International 2015 candidates.
My Top 15 includes:
15. Macau
14. Canada
13. Thailand
12. Spain
11. Hungary
Top 10
10. United States of America
9. Japan
8. Brazil
7. Kenya
6. France
Miss International is known for being unpredictable when it comes to crowning their winners and we have a feeling that they might not go to that route and crown the obvious one. So here it is, my Top 5 picks starting with:
5. VIETNAM Pham Hong Thuy Van – For me she’s the most underrated candidate this year and she could be the huge spoiler of the night. I’ve seen a video of her during the Miss International forum and this girl can speak. Her speaking skills are superb. After that forum I noticed that she’s always appointed as a speaker on every forum that was conducted throughout the pageant. That’s a plus point for her.
4. PHILIPPINES Janicel Lubina – Considered as a front runner from the start, but as the competition transcends she fades away. Still, I believe that she will deliver comes the final night. Armed with a beautiful face and a body to die for. Her inspiring life story is a plus for her.
3. HONDURAS Jennifer Valle – The most charming candidate this year. A breath of fresh air. She can light a room and capture your heart with a smile.
2. MEXICO Lorena Sevilla – She has the most angelic face this year. Very beautiful. She has this aura that you would just like/love her. When I saw a photo of her where she was dressed in a kimono and a Japanese gold headdress/ crown was put on her, it felt like it was her crowning moment and that would be very possible comes the final night of the competition.
1. VENEZUELA Edymar Martinez – No doubt that she’s the girl to beat and she did not fail everyones expectations. Very consistent throughout the competition. The girl came to the competition well prepared. It’s obvious that Miss International loves her because her photos are all over on their social media accounts. She’s not just a beautiful lady, but with a charming personality. She would be a perfect face of Miss International for 2015.
Well, there you have it guys Edymar Martinez of Venezuela is my choice as Miss International 2015. Feel free to drop your comments or reactions below.