Thoughts on Rachel Peters National Costume in Miss Universe 2017

Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters Modern Golden Sarimanok was definitely a hit for me. It’s out of the box and a breath of fresh air from those Filipiñanas that we usually saw worn by our representatives in MU stage.

Rachel Peters wearing her Modern Golden Sarimanok National Costume. Photo courtesy of Rachel Peters.

Overall Performance at the National Costume Show

The headdress, the suit and the gladiator shoes are perfect for me already. I’m not a fashion expert, but given a chance to alter the National Costume of Rachel I would change or alter the long train. I would use a fully feathered long train. The feathers are strategically placed on it, with different types and sizes to create more grand and fully embrace the modern Sarimanok concept. I wish I can don a sketch for you guys, but I found a photo online that would create a similar effect of what I’m trying to say.

Imagine if that’s the train of her National Costume at the back. It’s very couture or very high fashion without losing the essence of the modern Golden Sarimanok concept.

Like I said the overall concept of her National Costume was a hit for me. So congratulations to her team! Kagandahang Flores Camp, Val Taguba – designer and Jojo Bragais for her Gladiator Shoes.