RUMOR MILL: Miss Grand International 2017 No Final Venue?!

With only a month until the coronation night of Miss Grand International and less than two weeks before the proper competition begins, the organisation faces a major setback because there’s a rumor that the major sponsor which is VinPearl dropped MGI and with that they don’t have a final venue for the pageant night. This only means that the candidates will no longer have a residence or hotel once they move to Phu Quoc.

This information came from a post via Missosology.

Vinpearl dropped sponsoring Miss Grand International 2017. MGI website already removed the logos of Vinpearl and the Vinpearl resort in Phu Quoc. The coronation is supposed to be hosted by Vinpearl in Phu Quoc as well, so now there is no final venue where the show will be held (whether in Phu Quoc or somewhere else in Vietnam). Insider from Lasta/Let’s Viet (the organizing committee of Miss Grand International 2017) also said that the contest does not have TV support and telecast in Vietnam, but it will be shown on Let’s Viet website channel and the MGI facebook page. He added that Vinpearl decided to leave the pageant because MGI cannot reach the publicity they expect in Vietnam.

MGI 2017 candidates will be hosted by Quang Binh in the North East Vietnam for a week, before moving to Phu Quoc in the South West. However, the candidates do not have yet a final hotel and venue in Phu Quoc for the remaining 12 days of the competition. MGI 2017 will be held October 5 to 25.

Vinpearl was the major sponsor of Miss Earth 2010 held in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

As we checked the official website of Miss Grand International it seems like they did remove VinPearl on the list of their sponsors.

Some are skeptical about this issue though saying that this is just a publicity for MGI since the competition is nearing already.

No official announcement yet coming from MGI and VinPearl so let’s see in the coming days if this is true or not.

Miss Grand International 2017 will be this coming October 5-25, 2017.