My Thoughts on the whole Miss Universe​ Show and my experience watching it Live!.

Disclaimer: This blog post is long, really long, get ready to read a novel. Haha. You can skip and scroll to the middle part where I share my take on Maxine Medina’s answer during the Q&A and my thoughts about the whole show.

When I learned that the 65th Miss Universe​ will be staged here in the Philippines, me and my friend immediately book a hotel and a flight going to Manila like six months before the pageant day. Yes, that’s how excited we are as pageant fans. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we don’t want to miss. To experience what it’s like to watch the pageant live.

Fast forward to the pageant day, we arrived early at the Mall Of Asia Arena around 5:45 am. There’s a long line already but we got in fast because it was very well organized and of course the security was tight. From there the energy was high, everyone’s excited already. “Kanya – kanyang awra na kung baga” lol. We entered the venue, grabbed a coffee and something to eat. We saw some familiar faces, and famous personality already, but the most important person that I saw was the Queen herself, Miss Universe​ 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. It happened very fast when they entered the VIP area, I saw first her personal bodyguard (forgot his name) and Esther Swan. She was surrounded by bodyguards and people from MUO. Almost everyone hasn’t even noticed Pia because they’re busy taking pictures or selfies.

The energy was great inside, every time some supporters from the other countries enters the arena and would shout their country’s name or something, Filipinos, especially in the Gen Ad area quickly respond and shout Philippines!. Some even shouted and throw some shade on them and the whole Arena would burst out laughing. The country that really put an effort to show their support for their candidate was from Thailand. All of them were wearing a matching Thailand sweater, they have huge flags, and one of them even wore a huge wings, which I’m wondering how the hell they managed to bring or sneak them inside but anyway kudos to their efforts.

Before the pageant started, a guy from Steve Harvey’s team pumped up the energy and gave us some instructions to make the show more lively and fun for TV. He would come out on commercial breaks to do the same thing.

During the pageant, every time Maxine Medina was called to advance to the next round of the competition I felt like the whole Arena was shaking, the cheers and the energy were beyond amazing. The support for Maxine was overflowing, all Filipinos inside the Arena became really as one nation for her, which I think has something to do with her answer on the Q&A which I will discuss later. Even during the commercial break most of us would shout or chant for Maxine’s name just to show support and for her to feel that we got her back. Every time Pia would come out on the stage, everyone would chant her name as well. Speaking of Pia, this might sound so cheesy but I got really emotional when Steve introduced her on the first part of the show, it finally sunk in to me that her reign was about to end but I was so stoked when she announced on the later part of the show that she signed with IMG. Now that’s exciting!.

Miss Philippines Maxine Medina during the Top 6 Q&A round.

With regards to the Q&A portion of Maxine Medina, though she did not directly answered the question, her answer was not that bad actually. For me when she heard the word “pangyayari” from the interpreter the first thing came to her mind was the event itself, the staging of the Miss Universe​ here in the Philippines. The outpouring support she felt at the Arena contribute to the thought that she was trying to convey that we really became one as a Nation even though we came from different walks of life, different interest, we put aside all personal interests, everyone really works hand in hand to make the event happen and successful. I felt the sincerity whe she delivered her answer. Now if she answered it in Tagalog will it make a difference? Well, maybe yes, maybe not. I guess it would still be the same. She did her best and I’m still proud of her. I mean placing as a Top 6 finalist is no joke. Let’s move on and be happy that she managed still to continue the placement or winning streak for our country. Her placement made us still the country to beat. We still got the Country of the Year title for 2016. Now that’s huge!.

The last two standing. Miss Haiti and Miss France.

Most Filipinos, was expecting for Haiti to be crowned that day. Why?. First, we Filipinos love drama, we love underdogs, we love to see like a nobody succeed at the end of the story. In the case of Haiti she’s wearing a weak sash thus we love seeing her beating those other contestants with strong sash. Now why she did not win over France because her answer to the question “Name something over the course of your life that you failed at, and tell us what you learned from that experience” was her experience during an Earthquake in Haiti which is actually good because she managed to relate it to the question. While France answers the question in a more personal failure, very specific, which is failing her medical examination during her first try. Now that’s more relate-able to everyone because its more on a personal level and specific experience that she failed at. I guess that’s why the judges favored her answer compared to Haiti. Aside from that France final look convinced the judges that she is the one. She exudes a silent confidence which is beautiful and admirable. Her aura scream “winner” that day.

France and the Philippines was actually my personal winners for our Top Picks. What convinced me to put Maxine on the top spot, aside from her almost perfect preliminary performance, is when I learned that she managed to ace her preliminary interviews. I said that if she nailed her preliminary interviews she can nail the final Q&A also.

I’m happy that France, Iris Mittenaere won, If Maxine will not get the crown I said I want Iris to get it (why I put her on the second spot on our Top Picks) which actually happened so I felt like a winner as well and felt like my Top Picks is a success.

The 65th Miss Universe​ competition was a success. It was a great edition. The girls who made it to the Top 13 was very diverse. I like where IMG is heading when it comes to selecting their eventual winner. My only wish is that for them to bring back the introduction where the girls introduced their names and their country. Also extend the time frame for each candidate for the swimsuit and evening gown portion. For them to really have that moment on stage. Overall, it was a great show. Congratulations to the Philippines for staging successfully the Miss Universe​ competition. Everyone, from the candidates, the MUO organization and staff, families and friends of the candidates experienced the hospitality of the Filipinos. I’m sure they will bring this beautiful memories for the rest of their lives.

So that’s the end of my novel. Haha. If you read the whole blog post, congratulations, you won a box of rice cooker. Haha. Kidding aside, thank you for reading the whole post. Mwah!