Miss Universe​ Peru 2015 Laura Spoya allegedly stole the design of Filipino Designer Mark Bumgarner for her wedding?!

Miss Universe​ Peru 2015 Laura Spoya allegedly contacted Filipino designer Mark Bumgarner because she was interested in the signature “bow dress” and wanted to get one for her wedding. The talks between her and the designer went well, but all of the sudden she said that the wedding was off so she doesn’t need the dress. End of story.

Then suddenly the news came out about Laura getting married and the photos came out during her civil wedding so everyone, especially in the pageantry world was happy for her but then someone noticed the dress she was wearing. It’s similar to Mark Bumgarner bow dresses, but the thing is Mark did not design the dress. The dress was copied from one of his creations.

“She wanted to order this from me, we were talking for a long time. Then she said the wedding is cancelled for some reason. She was emailing us to send her photos/details of our dresses. Only to be copied pala!. This woman owes me an apology.” – Mark Bumgarner

Mark Bumgarner’s signature Clover Dress. (Photo Credit: Mark Bumgarner)
Laura Spoya during her civil wedding where she’s wearing the similar Clover Dress of Mark Bumgarner. (Photo Credit: TitasOfPageantry)

I know imitation is the highest form of flattery, but c’mon stealing one’s idea and design is totally different. What she did was disrespectful, mean and uncalled for!. Your thoughts?.