Imelda Schweighart: Kudos Gabriela! Im with you. You are right.

While most pageant fans here in the Philippines are furious about the statement of Gabriela Women’s Party about the staging of the 65th Miss Universe, they found a supporter from someone you will never expect, a beauty queen.

(Gabriela Women’s Party Opposes Miss Universe​ in PH)

She’s no other than ex-Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart. She posted her support for Gabriela on her Facebook account.

“Kudos Gabriela! Im with you. You are right.

I remember wearing my two piece with the rest of the candidates backstage held here in the Philippines, the recent international pageant i was in.

We were like meat waiting for our turn to strut our stuff just to surpass the segment. I cannot deny the look in these girls faces backstage and the act we have to put out there on stage. It was the time where i realized it the most, when we went out for the audience and it was almost all men in a private setting show while we women felt so darn exploited like pigs being sold in the market. I do understand why theres such segment to see the beauty of the woman. But it doesn’t feel right anymore.. People have developed malice and perverseness. Some are using pageants as an opportunity to do prostitution as well. It is no longer in my mind a noble act. Only if, you use that platform to declare an important message because the microphone is like a trumpet, its either whatever platform you choose to declare that message so that you wont feel all kinds of losses when you didn’t play their dirty game right. Because that is not the purpose you joined.

It has come, i am over it. And i wouldn’t want to encourage young women to join pageants. Some has good intentions but the rest of what’s happening inside and the delivery of message the unconscious mind performs isn’t helping make this earth a better place. It becomes a selection of beautiful women, fake or natural, to be treated as “materials” just like what Gabriela said.”