READ: The TRUTH about the Yellow Gown according to Leo Almodal

During the Miss Earth 2016 competition, Imelda Schweighart posted a video showing a stunning Leo Almodal gown, which supposedly she’s going to wear, but unfortunately she didn’t make the cut as part of the Top 16.

Imelda posted this on her Facebook account.
After that everyone was scratching their heads when Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin sashayed on stage with the same Leo Almodal gown. Everyone was thinking that probably Imelda lend the gown to Katherine but to everyone’s surprise, she claimed in a phone interview via CNN Philippines that the gown was taken away from her without her consent and she felt offended by it. She also adds that she doesn’t have any gown to wear so Miss Guam lend her one.

You can watch the video from CNN Philippines about the phone interview of Imelda here.
Now, the designer of the gown, Leo Almodal finally spoke up to clear everything out via his Facebook account. 
“The Truth. The other side of the coin…
the yellow gown was part of my collection it was made for my upcoming international fashion shows and high fashion editorial video. I wanted to produce a book-catalog that im planning to launched next year inspired from fairytales and Mythological Goddesses. Originally that gown is called “artemis” the moon goddess…
I was requested by Imelda’s training camp to dress her up and without hesitations I said Yes. I chose that design because it suits their color requirement and styling. To set and clarify things; Imelda or anyone from her camp has not given or paid me a single peso for that gown. That yellow gown is technically my property and just letting her borrow it for Miss Earth pageant; that if she makes it to the top 16. As the owner it will be under my discretion to whom it will be used. Since she did not make it to top 16, not competing for the evening gown segment and unfortunately I didnt finish the gown of Ecuador on time which I am obliged because she already paid half of the amount as downpayment…. My team made that decision to dress her up in that yellow gown. It was actually a blessing in disguise that saved me from further troubles, shame and humiliation. I believe that things happens for a reason and checking the fit, length and style of the gown; it suits Katherine perfectly. Before dressing up Katherine I sent Imelda messages in facebook to take down the photos and videos but she never listened… she posted it after she did not make it to the top 16 cut. I actually begged her… she was not ripped or robbed; The gown was not taken away from her and she was asked nicely… Technically it’s MINE; and I dont want that masterpiece to go to waste. I want to show it to the world because that gown is made for that purpose… Contrary to her statement that she has nothing to wear is an absolute LIE!!! I provided her with a beautiful red gown but she smiled and refused to wear it, saying that it looks like Miss Belgium’s gown and opted to borrow from miss Guam instead…

Miss Ecuador Katherine is my client and she ordered her gown last minute. Basically for orders it has to be 3 months prior of the event but since she was reffered to me by Angelia and few of my friends told me that she’s the front runner of Miss Earth and she was very nice to me; I didn’t refuse her order and tried to do the impossible ( I want the the next Miss earth to be an Almodal Muse and having 5 front runner miss earth queens in Almodal masterpiece competing for the crown gives me a bigger chance to win it again) I thought that it is possible to finish it if i wont sleep for days… Sad to say I failed and that’s a lesson learned… I Cried a lot on that day because i really wanted to go to the pageant and support my muses. feeling so miserable and depress stock with an unfinished gown and still trying to finish it… Now, i have hundreds of people asking me what happened; i actually dont want to say a thing anymore but it has completely gone out of control and i have tell everyone the truth… 
Katherine is unaware of the issue not until imelda posted the videos of her vulgar demeanor and bitter statement in social media…
I wish this made things clear… Thank You…”


JUST IN: Imelda Schweighart resigned as Miss Philippines Earth 2016

After all the controversies surrounded her throughout the Miss Earth 2016 competition, Miss Philippines Earth 2016 Imelda Schweighart decided to do a voluntary resignation and the Carousel Productions accepted it. This was confirmed via reports on AbsCbn.

According to the report, Imelda together with her mom Annabeth Bautista met with Lorraine Schuck of Carousel Productions and decided to relinquish her crown as Miss Philippines Earth 2016 because her daughter was heavily bashed on social media.

Kiara Gregorio, her runner up last year is expected to fulfil the remaining duties as the new Miss Philippines Earth 2016. She’s 19 years old and she represented London during the competition.

Source: AbsCbn News

(WATCH) Controversy Alert: Imelda Schweighart statement against a Miss Earth 2016 winner

It seems like Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart is a magnet for controversies. First the Hitler issue with President Duterte, the rambutan issue, the “Karla Henry” issue now this. 
The video shows Imelda talking to pageant fans after the Miss Earth 2016 coronation night and made a statement “Yung nanalo, fake yung ilong, fake yung baba, fake yung boobs. Miss Earth dapat natural (The winner has a fake nose, fake chin, fake boobs. Miss Earth should be all natural)”. It looks like she’s joking around with the fans, but still this is a serious accusations. 
This is the video courtesy of Edi Wow.

Imelda Schweighart did not make it on the top 16 of Miss Earth 2016. Katherine Espin of Ecuador was crowned Miss Earth 2016.
I really hope there’s no more controversies for her. Good luck Imelda for your next endeavor.

Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong: A Successful and Historic Reign

Last night Angelia Ong turn over her crown as Miss Earth and her reign will be truly remembered.

Angelia Ong made an historic back to back win last year in Miss Earth and for the Philippines. Her answer to the Q&A round will not be forgotten. “We will because we can”. After winning the crown all nasty words were thrown at her even though it’s not her fault. The Miss Earth Organization, the Philippines and Angelia were accused fraud which was actually not true. As a true queen, Angelia ignored all the criticisms and instead she focuses on her responsibility. Throughout her reign we witnessed how hard working queen she is. Most says that when the reign of a queen is about to end its becoming boring but definitely not for Angelia. She was busy like a bee. She’s one of the most travelled queens, she visited 9 Countries (Reunion Island, Vietnam, the United States, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, China, Singapore) including her homeland the Philippines. Aside from that she even got an endorsement contacts in Vietnam and graced countless magazine covers. She turned all those negative thoughts about her and the Miss Earth Organization because of all her achievements throughout her reign. She exceeded everyone’s expectations. She gained everyone’s respect and admiration. It is safe to say that Angelia is one of the best if not the best Miss Earth title holder.
Before passing her crown yesterday, she added another achievement in her life. She graduated with a degree in Marketing Management (Bachelor of Business Administration) in De La Salle College of St. Benilde and launching her own website where she will continue her environmental advocacies. Good luck in your future plans Angelia! 

Miss Earth 2016 is Ecuador. A well deserved win for Katherine Espin

A well deserved win for this gorgeous lady, Katherine Espin. She is Miss Earth 2016!. The 23 years old bested 82 other candidates who hailed from Quito, Ecuador was a favorite from the start to win the crown because during the pre-pageant activities she won the most number of medals, 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. Katherine is the second title holder to win Miss Earth from Ecuador.

Our very own Miss Philippines, Imelda Schweighart did not make it to the Top 16. 
The grand coronation night was hosted by Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez and it was held at the Mall of Asia Arena last October 29, 2016.
Full List of Winners 
Miss Earth 2016 : Ecuador – Katherine Espín
Miss Earth – Air 2016 : Colombia – Michelle Gomez
Miss Earth – Water 2016: Venezuela – Stephanie de Zorzi
Miss Earth – Fire 2016: Brazil – Bruna Zanardo
Top 8
Top 16
South Korea
Northern Ireland
South Africa
Special Awards 
Best Eco Video: Moldova – Tatiana Ovcinicová
Miss Eco Warrior: Wales – Charlotte Hitchman
Miss Congeniality: Bahamas Candisha Rolle
Photogenic: Vietnam Nguyễn Thị Lệ Nam Em
Best National Costume : 
          Uganda – Priscilla Achieng (Africa)
          Mexico – Itzel Paola Astudillo(Americas)
          Thailand – Atcharee Buakhiao (Asia & Oceania)
          England – Luissa Burton (Europe)

Venezuela’s official representatives for Miss Universe​ 2016 and Miss World 2016

This just in!. Miss Venezuela Organization just confirmed their representatives for Miss Universe​ 2016 and Miss World 2016.

Miss Venezuela Organization posted this on their official Instagram account. 
When we all thought that Mariam Habach will no longer compete due to the new rules set by the Miss Universe​ Organization and IMG, well guess what the MVO decided to send her as their official representative for Miss Universe​ 2016 to be held in Manila, Philippines on January 30, 2017.
Miss Venezuela Organization posted this via their official Instagram account.  
While for Miss World, rumors online was saying that MVO and Osmel Sousa will not be sending a representative to Miss World 2016 due to Venezuela’s economic status. Good news Osmel decided to send Diana Croce to represent Venezuela in Miss World 2016 to be held in Washington, DC this coming December 18, 2016. Diana was the 1st Runner Up at the recently concluded Miss Venezuela 2016. 

The Philippines: Powerhouse country in Asia, but also in the world?

Is it safe to say that the Philippines is not just a powerhouse in Asia, but in the world as well in pageantry?. 
The Philippines won 6 crowns in Powerhouse Four pageants (so far) from 2013 – 2016. Megan Young won Miss World 2013, Bea Rose Santiago won Miss International 2013, Jamie Herrell won Miss Earth 2014, Angelia Ong won Miss Earth 2015 (historic back to back in Miss Earth), Pia Wurtzbach won Miss Universe​ 2015 and this year Kylie Verzosa won Miss International 2016. During those 4 years the Philippines have an outstanding achievement as well in the Minor Pageants which I would not say since it’s too many to mention. 
The Philippines were the third country to complete the Powerhouse Four pageants when Megan Young won Miss World in 2013. The first country to do that was Brazil then followed by Venezuela. 
When it comes to the most number of wins in the Powerhouse Four pageants the Philippines stands in the 3rd spot with 13 crowns. Venezuela have 22 crowns and United States of America have 14 crowns.
So if I were to answer the question, YES, the Philippines is safe to say that it is a powerhouse country in the world when it comes to pageantry. 
Do you agree?. If not, why?.
Powerhouse Four: Miss Universe​, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth.

(Full List of Winners) Kylie Verzosa from the Philippines is Miss International 2016

After 3 years from winning the Miss International crown, the Philippines did it again. Kylie Verzosa won Miss International 2016. She bested 68 other candidates around the world. this is the 6th Miss International crown for the Philippines. Verzosa was born in Baguio, Philippines. She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and work as a pre-school teacher. She is a teacher and an advocate for depression and suicide awareness. Verzosa volunteered for the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, which aims to educate people about depression and suicide. She is also a member of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines. She has done ramp and print modeling.

Full List of Winners

Winner: Philippines
1st Runner Up: Australia
2nd Runner Up: Indonesia
3rd Runner Up: Nicaragua
4th Runner Up: United States of America
Top 15

United States of America
El Salvador
Dominican Republic

Special Awards

Miss National Costume: Nicaragua
Miss Perfect Body: Maldova
Miss Best Dresser: Indonesia

Best Five Continents

Miss Asia: Hong Kong
Miss Europe: Netherlands
Miss America: Ecuador
Miss Africa: Sierra Leone
Miss Oceania: Hawaii

Leo Almodal broke his silence on why he’s not dressing up most of our Filipina Queens in International Pageant.

Miss Grand England 2016, Miss Grand Japan 2015, Miss Universe​ Indonesia 2015 & Miss Intercontinental Wales 2016. These are some of the many Leo Almodal creations for international beauty queens. 

Filipino designer Leo Almodal got some nasty comments from his fellow Filipinos after her gowns to non – Filipina queens are winning Best in Evening Gown in international pageants. Some of them was disappointed on why he’s not dressing up Filipina Queens in an international pageant. Some even called him “traitor”.

Leo Almodal responded to this matter and hopes to put an end regarding all the issues thrown at him via his Facebook account. 
“These past few months I realize that a lot of fellow Filipinos unfollowed me in social Media and receive a lot of angry and disappointed comments why I’m not dressing up the Philippines delegates in their respective International pageants? Calling me “traitor”?
Right now I just want to clarify this issue so we can move on with it..


who would not want that!!!??? It will be a pride and honor to dress up a fellow filipino like MYSELF! 

But folks you have to understand that it’s totally out of my hand and not under my control. In fact I sent a message to the right hand and Assistant of Madam Stella Araneta to Genis to set a meeting with the Director herself but what i got was a seemingly blunt answer: “That’s a good idea!” but he never got back to me…

I was requested by the pageant camp KF (Kagandahang Flores) to send a fashion design sketch for Nichole Manalo (Miss Globe) and Joanna Eden ( Miss Supranational) in fact I would love to dress up all our queens including Maxine, Kylie and Nicole even if it’s for free!!! I know I’m not rich but i wouldnt mind a full sponsorship!!! It’s for our country! but you knew what happened? Yes the designs I made for these 2 girls were absolutely beautiful… but It was REJECTED!!!

Everything started last 2014 when I was asked By KF to send the Pink Gown for MJ Lastimosa who politely asked me to create for her an Evening Gown. She said that she’s willing to take the risk to wear it and break BPCI’s rules and refuse to wear Barazza’S gown saying; “this is my last pageant and I want to make it count!” And I believed her but sad to say she didn’t…

I was the one who paved the way… I was the sacrificial lamb! The guinea pig! We all know that BPCI prepared wardrobes for each girl and Pia is not an exemption.
It all started with me and Janicel Lubina Miss International Philippines 2015. BPCI requested me to create the National Costume for her and I was very happy and honored to do it. I was then requested to the bring the National costume to BPCI office. A week before that scheduled meeting Janicel visited me in my atelier and begged me to dress her up in the evening gown competition saying that she didn’t like the gowns they gave her and showed me pictures of it; Truly the gowns were quiet typical and ordinary…
Going to the BPCI office I brought the national costume and the evening gowns with me and I was ecstatic and excited to meet Madam Stella but to my dismay it ended up in frustration because she didnt show up… The assistant Genis was there to meet us, in fact we took photos and videos with the costume and gown; And God she looked amazing on the masterpiece i made for her! 
Janicel has this puppy-beggy look on her face begging Genis to wear the gown I made for her in the Miss International Pageant… Genis exclaimed “OK! I will take care of it and I will show the pictures to madam for approval. Now put those dresses in your suitcase and you’re ready to go!
It was on the Pageant day itself that I realized that Genis did not send the pictures to Madam for approval. The other girls and KF told me that madam was furious, angry and mad to see Janicel wearing my gown on  TV!!!  I was shocked, worried, angry, surprise, sad and happy; it was a mixed emotion. Happy because she won the Best Dresser award or Best in Gown. For 17 years at last a Filipino designer has proven that we Filipinos are competitive and has that enormous talent to dress up our own delegates…  but sad because technically it was a wrong move… Was it my fault? I was the one who’s always trying to reach out and offer a hand to help… but been misunderstood and to my fellow filipinos I became the bad guy instead? Now where is the justice here? 
Leo Almodal Leo Almodal Leo Almodal

I learned the hard way. NOW;  I’m just a businessman, an independent entity and a very open minded individual. I dont have pageant camps or relation to any other companies or institution 😉 My mission is to dress “women” and bringing out the best version of themselves.
To me “WOMEN” means: no nationality, no age limit not even gender (lesbian, femme, botch, lipstick, transgender, gay etc.) As long as you want to feel beautiful I will be here to cater and help 😉 thank you and God bless us all :)”

Back to back Best in Evening Gown in Miss Grand International (Japan 2015, England 2016). Gowns by Leo Almodal. 

Here are some of the gowns worn by Filipina beauty queens in International pageants.

Janicel Lubina during Miss International 2015
Jamie Herrell during Miss Earth 2014

Angelia Ong during Miss Earth 2015

(Full list of Winners) Indonesia is Miss Grand International 2016

21 years old Ariska Putri Pertiwi of Indonesia is Miss Grand International 2016. The Faculty Medical student bested 73 other contestants at the grand coronation night in the Westgate International Theater in Las Vegas, USA last October 25, 2016. She made history as the first Indonesian and Asian to win the said title.

For our bet, Miss Philippines Nicole Cordoves delivered an amazing performance as well and she ended placing 1st runner up.
During the coronation night the host country for 2017 was announced as well and that country is Vietnam.
Full list of Winners.
Winner: Indonesia 
1st Runner Up: Philippines
2nd Runner Up: Thailand
3rd Runner Up: Puerto Rico
4th Runner Up: USA
Top 10
1. Indonesia 
2. Peru 
3. Philippines 
4. Ukraine 
5. USA 
6. Macau 
7. Bahamas 
8. Puerto Rico 
9. Thailand 
10. South Korea (Popular Vote)
Top 20
Jamaica, Bahamas, Thailand, Spain, Ukraine, Mexico, Venezuela, Portugal,
United States, Malaysia, Cuba, Peru, Australia, Vietnam, Puerto Rico,
Indonesia, Tahiti, Wales, Philippines, Macau.
Special Awards
Best Social Media is Jamaica
Best in Evening Gown (Leo Almodal) England
Best in National Coatume is Indonesia
Best in Swimsuit is Bahamas