Inspiring Short Story from PIA WURTZBACH – Miss Universe 2015

Miss Universe​ 2015 Pia Wurtzbach share another inspiring story posted on her personal Instagram account. Read on. 
“Since you’re already here, on my personal account as Pia, let me share you a short story. Something that you can think about. We’ve all had obstacles, right? You’re not ever different from me. I feel what you feel. Most of you know my life story because my life has been an open book basically since I won. The thing with me is I never ask for help because I’ve always been so courageous and maybe truthfully I have an ego that can get the best of me. Not to mention all the bashing..but I just keep walking. I used to live in Manila alone making very little but I got thru it with the help of my friends. And of course Sarah and Charlie. Imagine just a few years ago I used to sleep on the floor happiest and never complaining because I was happy to be with the company of my friends who truly and genuinely care of me. It was all my choice because I always thought that I had more to offer even with the lack of my formal education. I always thought that I had unfinished business in the Philippines. So now that my biggest dream came true and I’ve had the privilege of having my closest friends fly 16 hours to see me and see if I’m okay? Thank you guys. Mahal ko kayo. I must admit, it’s never easy settling in a new place like New York. Especially when you’re alone. With all due respect, I love my miss universe family so much. So much that I want it extended. Haha. I see my blow up photo by the hallway and I still can’t believe it. But when you fall in love and ask for help, company and guidance, I realize that wait. Nasan na ang dignidad ko bilang Pilipina? Kaya ko naman ito e.Yes, I have anxiety.A lot of anxiety. I want to please everybody. My family, friends, mentors and fellow country men. And my closest friends from home and my mentors from Aces and Queens know this. I take my job very seriously because I’m a perfectionist. It was and always will be my number 1 priority and love. I want to be the best Miss Universe ever. Okay, so maybe I am hard on myself. But it’s alright. You guys know that I love a good challenge. And come on, if I was able to survive all this time, why can’t I make it now? He’s ☝️ looking after me. And He knows that I have a vision of light and sound.”