Philippines is Miss Tourism Queen of the Year 2015/2016! (Full List of Winners)

Leren Mae Bautista with her court. Photo from Missosology

Leren Mae Bautista open the year 2016 for the Philippines with a bang!. She is Miss Tourism Queen of the Year 2015/2016. A special award was given to her as well which is Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter. She bested 59 ladies around the world in a pageant held in Putrajaya Marriot Hotel & Spa Grand Ballroom, Malaysia last December 31, 2015.

Full list of Winners
Miss Tourism Queen of the Year 2015/2016: PHILIPPINES
Dream Girl of the Year International: India 
Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International: Iceland 
Miss Tourism Global International: Lithuania 
Miss Tourism Metropolitan International: Uganda 
Top 12 Semifinalist
1) Belarus 
2) Bolivia 
3) China
4) Uganda 
5) Malaysia 
6) Portugal 
7) Lithuania 
8) Iceland 
9) Dominican Republic 
10) Philippines 
11) Mongolia 
12) India
Special Awards
Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter: Philippines
Miss Tropicana Lifestyle: Iceland
Miss Joyful KLIA: Uganda
Miss Gitell Wellness: India
Most Creative Selfie: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Miss IDCC Congeniality: Mongolia
Miss Focus Point Dazzling: Iceland
Best in National Costume: Indonesia
Miss Friendship: Malaysia
Miss Talent: Sweden

Hillarie Parungao finishes Top 10 & Spain is Miss World 2015 (Full List of Winners)

Miss Philippines Hillarie Parungao failed to bring home the Miss World crown but still make us all proud by finishing Top 10 and winning Multi Media Award. Mireia Lalaguna from Spain was crowned as Miss World 2015 by the outgoing queen, Rolene Strauss from South Africa on Saturday 19’ December 2015 at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre, Sanya.

Miss World 2015 with the Runners Up

Top 10 of Miss World 2015


Miss World 2015: Spain – Mireia Lalaguna
1st runner-up: Russia – Sofia Nikitchuk
2nd runner-up: Indonesia – Maria Harfanti
Top 5
  • Jamaica – Sanneta Myrie
  • Lebanon – Valerie Abou Chacra

Top 11
  • Australia – Tess Alexander
  • France – Hinarere Taputu
  • Guyana – Lisa Punch
  • Philippines – Hillarie Parungao
  • South Africa – Liesl Laurie
  • Vietnam – Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê (Peoples Choice Winner)

Top 21
  •  Brazil – Catharina Choi
  •  China PR – Yuan Lu
  •  Ecuador – Camila Marañón
  •  Kazakhstan – Regina Vandysheva
  •  Netherlands – Margot Hanekamp
  •  New Zealand – Deborah Lambie
  •  Northern Ireland – Leanne McDowell
  •  Poland – Marta Pałucka
  •  Scotland – Mhairi Fergusson
  •  South Sudan – Ajaa Monchol

Beauty with a Purpose winner:  Indonesia – Maria Harfanti
Sports and Fitness winner:  Namibia – Steffi Van Wyk
Talent winner:  Guyana – Lisa Punch
Top Model winner:  Spain – Mireia Lalaguna
Multi Media winner:  Philippines – Hillarie Parungao
Peoples Choice winner:  Vietnam – Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê

Christi Lynn McGarry won 1st Runner Up in Miss Intercontinental 2015 (Full List of Winners)

Miss Philippines Christi McGarry won 1st Runner Up at the Miss Intercontinental 2015 held at the Grand Ballroom of Maritim Congress Hotel in Magdeburg, Germany last December 19, 2015 (PH Time) were Valentina Rasulova of Russia was declared as the winner. Christi was declared Miss Asia and Oceania for being the best delegate in her continent.

Miss Intercontinental 2015 Winners
Full List of Winners
MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2015: Russia- Valentina Rasulova
First Runner Up: Philippines- Christi Lynn McGarry
Second Runner Up: United States of America- Brianne Bailey
Third Runner Up: Venezuela- Katherine Garcia
Fourth Runner Up: Zimbabwe- Tendai Bongani Hunda
Miss Intercontinental North America: United States of America- Brianne Bailey
Miss Intercontinental Africa: Zimbabwe- Tendai Bongani Hunda
Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceania: Philippines- Christi Lynn McGarry
Miss Intercontinental South America: Venezuela- Katherine Garcia
Miss Intercontinental Europe: Russia- Valentina Rasulova
Completing the Top 17:
Sao Tome & Principe- Maryan Okafor
Korea- Cho Yeseul
Thailand- Boonyanee Sungpirom
India- Snehapriya
San Marino- Glenda Canavese
Ukraine- Daria Sheiko
Poland- Agata Bryl
Austria- Marika Pfanner
Puerto Rico- Suzette Rivera Sanes
Mexico- Paulina Flores-Cantú
Curacao- Shaedith Adriana
Vietnam-Miss Popularity Vote
Best in National Costumes: Indonesia- Yovita Iskandar
Best In evening Gown: Colombia- Daniela Gutierrez
Most Photogenic: Thailand- Boonyanee Sungpirom
Miss Congeniality: Spain- Fatima Santano
Best Smile Award: Czech Republic- Veronika Thielowa
Best Body Award: Russia- Valentina Rasulova
Miss Popularity Award: Vietnam- Le Thi Ha Thu

Pia Wurtzbach Glam shots for Miss Universe 2015

Every year this is one of the most awaited part of the Miss Universe competition. The Glam shots!. And they’re finally out. Aside form the glam shots, the official gown portrait and the official swimsuit
photos was released as well all shot by the amazing Fadil Berisha. Below are the official photos of our very own Miss Universe Philippines 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.
The 1950’s Casino Glam shot.
Pia looks regal, classy and fierce. It was not overly done and fit for the theme. In short she nailed it.
The Swimsuit
Simple pose. Let the body speaks for itself. A body to die for. Spot on. Genius!
The Gown Portrait
To be honest it was just an Ok-ish for me. I’m not a fan of her gown which obviously SMA choose and provided for her.

Angelia Ong’s historic win in Miss Earth 2015 (Full List of Winners)

The Philippines made history in 15 years of Miss Earth. The first country to have won a back to back victory. Thanks to Angelia Ong, who captured the judges with her beauty and intelligence and at the end was crowned Miss Earth 2015 at the pageant’s grand coronation night on December 5 at the Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria. She delivered solid performances during that night and the Q&A sealed the deal and with that it was a well deserved win for the Philippines.
Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell of the Philippines crowned her successor Angelia Ong of the Philippines.
Angelia Ong Overall Performance:
Full list if Winners

•Miss Earth 2015: Philippines – Angelia Ong
•Miss Earth Fire: Brazil – Thiessa Sickert
•Miss Earth Water: USA – Britanny Ann Payne
•Miss Earth Air: Australia – Dayana Grageda
Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong with her court.
Top 8
  • USA, Britanny Ann Payne
  • Australia, Dayanna Grageda
  • Brazil, Thiessa Sickert
  • Philippines, Angelia Ong
  • Austria, Sophie Totzauer
  • Chile, Natividad Leiva
  • Colombia, Estefania Munoz
  • Venezuela, Andrea Rosales

Top 16
  • Hungary, Dorina Agnes Lepp
  • USA, Britanny Ann Payne
  • Ukraine, Victoriia Orel
  • Australia, Dayanna Grageda
  • Czech Republic, Karolina Malisova
  • Brazil, Thiessa Sickert
  • Mongolia, Bayartsetseg Altangerel
  • Philippines, Angelia Ong
  • Mauritius, Katia Moochooram
  • Scotland, Amy Mesiak
  • Austria, Sophie Totzauer
  • Chile, Natividad Leiva
  • Colombia, Estefania Munoz
  • Venezuela, Andrea Rosales
  • France, Alyssa Wurtz
  • Guam, Skye Celine Baker

Special awards 
Best Group Presentation: Asia
Top 4 Eco-Beauty Videos:
Best Eco-Beauty Video: USA.